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We are the Eames Lounge restoration specialists. We can repair, restore, or refinish all aspects of this iconic chair as well as all other Eames furniture. With over 35 years experience and nationwide service, no matter what the problem, we can help.

Member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.

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Eames Lounge services

Shock mount repair

All shock mounts fail at some point in time. We use the same style shock mounts as Herman Miller. We have chosen the strongest adhesive available, one that is specifically designed for this purpose.

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Broken wing repair

One of the unique services we provide is the near seamless repair of broken wings.

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Rosewood restoration or refinishing

The difference between restoring and refinishing is a matter of taste. Some people like their Eames lounges to show a little age (restoring) other people prefer a more pristine look (refinishing). In both cases, we are not aiming to make the chair look new but to create a patina that accurately reflects what the chair would look like if it were kept in near perfect condition.

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New leather cushions

We can make you new leather cushions. We have invested years mastering the process to make sure we reproduce all the details of the original cushions. We have chosen a leather that best reflects the quality and sheen of the original Eames lounge leather.  

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Leather restoration

If your leather is chaffed or merely worn (no major tears or rot) then we can restore them to near perfect condition.  

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Zipper & backer replacement

We replace worn out old zippers and we can repair and or replace the fiber board backers.

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DCM, DCW, LCM, LCW and Shell Chair shock mount repair

We repair shock mounts, restore and refinish the wood shells, and restore the fibergalss shells on all other Eames chairs.

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Other Eames

We also restore wood, replace shock mounts, and reupholster leather on all other Eames chairs. 

Clockwise from top left:

Dining Chair Wood (DCW)
Dining Chair Metal (DCM)
Fiberglass Shell Chair
Aluminum Group High-back
Aluminum Group Low-back
Executive Chair

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About us

The Wood Guy: Fran Trainor

During my Bachelors of Fine Arts training, I was repairing a broken sculpture bust, my teacher noticed the seamless repair and suggested I think about the field of restoration. Years later, after graduating with a Masters of Fine Arts from Rutgers and working in the interior design field, I apprenticed myself to a master restorer.  Two years later Fran Trainor Restoration and Design was up and running.

I decided to focus my skills on mid-twentieth century Modernism. Finding I had that certain touch and the rigor to work through dozens of steps. I built a reputation for excellence and artistry.  I have had the privilege to work on pieces by many of the top modernist designers including George Nakashima, Wendell Castle, Jean Prouvé, Paul Evans, Vladimir Kagan, T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings, Hans Wegner, George Nelson, Harry Bertoia, and of course Charles and Ray Eames and the 670 Lounge.

After receiving multiple requests for repair of the iconic Eames lounge, I partnered with master leather restorer Bryan Graves to create Studio 670 Repair.

The Leather Guy: Brian Graves

Bryan Graves came to Boston in 1987 from sunny California. Inspired by memories of a neighbor who was a stained glass artisan, Bryan had always dreamed of running his own off-beat business doing creative work with his hands. So, after graduating from Boston University in 1990 with a Liberal Arts degree, he set out to make his dream come true. He apprenticed himself to a family friend who taught him the art of vinyl and leather restoration. Soon after, he was able to quit his job as a youth social worker and establish Hub Leather Repair in 1994.

During that time, Bryan developed many innovative techniques to solve just about any leather repair scenario a customer could throw at him. He's gone on to establish himself with the finest leather retailers in Boston and earn the nicknames "the leather doctor", "the leather guru", and simply "the magician," with the skills and reputation to back it up. He credits his success to enjoying his work and keeping his creative juices flowing. When he's not working his magic repairing leather, Bryan is also a singer/songwriter: 

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Happy Eames Lounge customers

These guys do beautiful work. I sent them my Eames Lounge to restore that my Grandad bought in the 1950’s. It was worse for wear, chips, dings, missing wood, broken parts. They brought it back to life. It looks like we kept it in perfect condition it’s whole like. Really the Rosewood just glows and the new leather looks perfect.

I was impressed by their thorough knowledge. We talked on the phone and they seemed to know exactly what was wrong with my chair. I live in Seattle. They gave me clear instructions and I sent off my package. They said it would be completed in four weeks and four weeks later it was done.

What made me write this testimonial was their commitment to their work. We received our chair and a week later it broke again. I called and explained the problem. Without a moment’s hesitation, Fran said no problem we will fix that at no cost and cover the shipping. We had the original box so they sent us a mailing label and had UPS pick it up at our house. Two weeks later it was back. That was impressive to me. I would recommend them to anyone who needs their Eames Lounge restored.

I watched their video and it seemed like these guys were real craftsmen. They picked up my chair in NYC and delivered it back to me. Couldn’t have been easier. When I saw my Eames Lounge which I’ve been sitting in almost every night for the past 35 years I was right to hire these guys. They are true craftsmen.

"The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipationg the needs of his guests."

– Charles Eames


Contact us

We receive chairs every week from all over North America. We provide excellent service and prompt turnaround because we know these chairs inside and out. It's all we do. We hope you will trust us to restore your chair.

We provide multiple options for shipping, pick up and delivery.


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Studio 670
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How It Works

We are located in Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. Clients ship us their chairs from all over the US and Canada. In order to keep cost down we recommend shipping only the parts we need to fix. Given the type of work needed will will let you know what to ship us. To help you feel comfortable taking the chair apart please refer to this video below .

If you ship UPS weight will not be an issue so try to keep the box as small as possible to reduce your shipping costs. We have found that two box sizes work best depending on how many parts you are shipping, 26"x26"x12" and 26"x26"x20.

We receive chairs every week from all over North America so we feel the process we have set up provides good value, excellent service and prompt turnaround times. Bryan and I, the two owners, have over 30 years of experience repairing and restoring the Eames 670 Lounge. This is all we do and we know this chair inside and out. I hope you will trust us to repair your chair.

Our shipping address is:
Studio 670
35 Tripp Street
Framingham, MA 01702

Please call me if you have any questions or concerns, 617-583-0875.

Thank you, 
Fran Trainor
Studio 670

Reference: We are an official repair referral of Design Within Reach who merged with Herman Miller, manufacturer of the Eames Lounge.